Visiting a country fair

On the 26 I was visiting a country fair

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On a santuary in the Netherlands (and this is only a small place, on other places there is more to be found) there is a grave for a family who died on the crash MH17. A whole family gone, destination Holiday. Death took them. Death took more people. And the ones who did this walks free and unharmed around while the politicy talk and twist and nothing is happening, or not much or not much that is helping.

The plane leaves big empty holes that cant and will not be filled by the death of family and friends and my tear is a drop in an ocean filled with plastic.

After today I stop with the wordpress for a while. I havent much stories to tell now on this blog. Perhaps in the future I come back. I dont know.

Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn.

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Spring is showing


We had a bit of snow yesterday but now it is almost gone. Spring is showing now but you cant speak of spring,summer, fall or winter cause it flows with the global warming up into together and shows strange weather paternsblog751

Spring is here

Plants are waking up and start to grow. Snowdrops are showing their beauty.

Yes spring is coming. We had not much days you can call winterblog747blog748

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Another light

For more than a month ago I made this picture when I was on my way to home on my bike. Lovely isnt itblog743